6 Spots in Your Office That Needs Regular Proper Cleaning

Many places in an office can become dirty and require proper cleaning. These include the desk, the computer keyboard, the mouse, the telephone, and many other surfaces. A clean office is productive, so it is important to keep these areas clean.

By removing all the germs and bacteria in an area, cleaning and sanitizing helps keep office workers healthy. The health and safety of office workers and employees must be guaranteed. 

Cleaning and sanitization changed significantly once a pandemic broke out across the world. Everyone is adjusting to a new way of life since everything has changed. 

People are putting their lives in danger by leaving their houses and starting to visit offices.

Keeping the office clean and sanitized is essential so that workers and other staff members feel comfortable working in a germ-free atmosphere.

The following are the dirtiest spots in your office that require a thorough cleaning by one of the top office cleaning companies in Philadelphia:

Reception Area

Outsiders always enter the office through the welcome area, whether they are your customers, clients, or workers. Frequently, people are asked to wait; in this case, they wait in the lobby until their call. 

Because the office receives so many visitors daily, there is a greater chance of dust and bacteria accumulating that could cause disease.

The reception area must be regularly cleaned and sanitized. This contributes to the cleanliness and sanitization of the welcome area and fosters a pleasant mood there, making a great impression on clients and other visitors.

Desktop Screen, Keyboard, and Mouse

The desktop screen that you work in front of for most of the workday at the workplace has acquired more dust and dirt. Therefore, it has to be dusted and cleaned thoroughly. 

Keyboards are regularly used throughout the day, just like a mouse gets covered with dust after use. 

The mouse comes into contact with you and can be soiled and contaminated. Elite Management Janitorial Services can ensure that all places are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to stop the spread of sickness.

Switchboards and Doorknobs 

The portions of the office that get touched the most are the switchboards and doorknobs. Many people in the office enter and exit the space using these doorknobs. Thousands of office workers have also connected the drawer handles together. 

When entering and leaving the room, the person touches the doorknobs since they have been exposed to other people’s bacteria and germs. This could lead to the spread of bacteria and infections.

The office switchboards are in the cabins, behind every system, toilet, and toilet-like places. These switchboards are covered in bacteria and germs, especially the ones next to the restrooms and toilets.


Documents and other stationery are continually being moved from one workstation to another and one cabin to another. The office’s files and other stationery need to be cleaned and sanitized because they, too, have numerous daily human contacts.

If your office has too many workstations, it’s best to hire Elite Management Janitorial Services to guarantee that each cubicle is free from clutter. 

Coffee Maker and Mugs

The coffee machine in the pantry needs to be cleaned thoroughly to prevent the accumulation of any trash or bacteria. It’s important to regularly clean the coffee machine because it could be unhealthy for the crew. Use the same proportions of vinegar and water to clean the coffee machine thoroughly.

The cups employees use to consume things like tea or coffee need to be thoroughly cleaned as they are in constant touch with them.

Contact Sensors in Elevators

Thousands of times daily, people who use elevators or office lifts touch the touch sensors or buttons. Each time the switches are connected, there is human contact. The chance of viruses and illnesses spreading through touch increases as a result. 

A full elevator must be cleaned and disinfected daily to prevent the spread of sickness and viruses. If you require a professional to do the work, you can seek a Philadelphia cleaning service such as Elite Management Janitorial Services. 

How to Keep the Office Clean 

The only method to keep the dirtiest areas of the office clean and hygienic is to engage in long-term professional g services such as Elite Management Janitorial Services. They would take care of all cleaning and maintenance duties at the company, which would be quite beneficial. 

They take complete responsibility for maintaining the office in good condition and free of germs and illnesses by sanitizing and cleaning the workspace. Elite Management Janitorial Services have the best tools and equipment that make these tasks even more practical, efficient, and rapid, and they also have specific knowledge of handling all cleaning-related tasks.


It is vital to keep your office clean for many reasons. First, a clean office is a more professional environment that will impress clients and customers. Second, a clean office will help you be organized and more productive. Finally, a clean office will help create a healthy environment and prevent the spread of germs. For maximized results, look for office cleaning services in Philadelphia. 

Elite Management Janitorial Services, LLC is a well-known provider of reliable and top-notch janitorial cleaning services. Our team members are dependable, trustworthy, and experts. Get office cleaning services in Philadelphia today! 

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