Hotels and Hospitality Buildings

What services do we offer to hotels?

Hotels receive visitors from all over the world. In peak travel season, a hotel lobby or restaurant has hundreds of people passing through each day. Our staff will sanitize specific spaces such as desks, tables, elevators, and restrooms to maintain cleanliness. Events are a huge part of a profitable hotel. We conduct cleanings after weddings, conferences, parties, and other events. Removing trash, particles from the carpet, wiping down tables, and other tasks make your hotel look spectacular. Smaller hotels may work out a contract with us to clean guest rooms.

In addition to our cleaning services, we offer a variety of services to hotels to help them achieve their objectives and improve their service level to guests. We clean almost all rooms, public areas, kitchens, external bathrooms, linen storage area, laundries, offices, meeting rooms and ancillaries to create clean and hygienic spaces. We replace sheets, clean showers, mop floors, and so much more! We will clean until your hotel is spotless. Contact us if you have any questions about our services.

What are the items that we clean and how do we clean them?

Our cleaning products are more than hygienic cleaners. They are chemical-free, so as to not cause any kind of damage to the environment. Our products are suitable for all cleaning jobs, even heavy cleaning jobs, like deep-cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. We have special products that use non-chemical products. These products are mostly safe for the environment, and our customers should feel confident that our products will provide them with the best cleaning results.

How do we keep a hotel cleaner?

Many hotel owners and managers claim that they want their hotels to be cleaner and have a better service level, but they do not know where to get the right experts or do not know how to get the right cleaning equipment to help them achieve these objectives. The truth is that most hotels do not have the budget to hire professional cleaners and for the equipment to ensure that their hotels are cleaned effectively and effectively, but at Elite, we are the right professionals who can achieve this level of performance and make your hotels cleaner.

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