Terms and conditions


EMJS only takes credit/debit cards as a form of payment. Credit card information is taken at the time of booking, but we DO NOT charge your card until one day before work begins to secure complete permission from Ahold beforehand for this hold on funds being placed onto an account- which will eventually go straight back out once it’s been authorized after services have been completed and invoiced via email upon completion.

In any case where you’re wondering about payments or when they might arrive – don’t worry! EMJS always gets paid first thanks to their policy that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction regardless of what happens with other contractors who refuse such things because bad faith practices like this lead nowhere positive anyway so. If your service is cancelled for any reason, I’ll release the hold within 2-5 days.

100% Guarantee Policy

EMJS is proud to offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not happy- that’s why the EMJS team will come back at NO COST after services are complete and make sure all areas were cleaned per your request! Please take care in inspecting their work for any missed spots so they can be fixed again free of charge too (at TIME OF SERVICE).

Amenities include -100% Satisfaction Guarantee; if there isn’t enough time before checking out leave instructions with maids about when/how often please call ahead next visit. No need to worry about the walkthrough inspection! If you’re not home, unavailable, or refuse our services then we’ll still come by and do an excellent job for your place. Our 200% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ensures that if there are any issues with what was done during service (inspections included), just let us know and they will be fixed at no cost. For those interested in hiring cleaners as well: send over a list of things cleaned before arrival so it’s easier on everyone involved;)

No matter how tight the schedule may feel sometimes – don’t forget we offer same-day appointments because cleanings really should last longer than 2 days.

Cancellation Policy

EMJS is there for you. We know that life gets busy and we want to make your service appointment as easy, smooth a process possible by reserving a period in advance with our team of professionals- this will help guarantee minimal interruption during what can be an important day or event! If something happens closer than 24 hours before then don’t worry; just let us know about any changes (or cancellations) earlier than expected so we’re prepared too.

Maximum Hours

We take pride in offering the best customer service, which is why we have a flat-rate pricing model. Our maximum number of hours can be worked per type or job for an affordable price! When you exceed that time allocated with us, our rate goes up from $40/hrs to guarantee your satisfaction throughout completion no matter how much work needs done – even if it takes all day long.

This means waiting until every detail’s been taken care off before charging ahead so there are never any surprises later down.

1-2 Hour Arrival Window

We always do our best to show up on time, however we ask that you please allow us 1-2 hours of the window for traffic and other surprises along the way.

Safety Policies

Reaching High Areas – It’s not possible to guarantee that our team members will be able to reach the high than 6” ft . Due to liability and safety concerns, they are NOT allowed on ladders or have very tall clearance needs in order for us to do what needs to be done at home improvement stores!

Moving Large Appliances – “We don’t want you to get hurt! We know that moving large appliances can be tricky, so we’ll do all the hard work for you and clean around or underneath them. However, due in part to liability reasons our cleaners cannot move these heavy things themselves – if this matters, please let us know.”

Interior Window Cleaning – We don’t want our cleaners to climb on a ladder or get too high. Our team will have to use ladders, which is unsafe for them because they’re not safety equipment-certified professionals!
Screen Cleaning – We’re sorry to hear that. However, we don’t offer screen installation services and cannot detach screens from windows for you – but our team does include window washers!

Stain and Mold Removal

We cannot guarantee that all stains and mold on grout or tile will be removed. However, our team will do everything within their power to remove these pesky organisms from your bathroom!

Move Out Cleaning

We know that you probably have a lot on your plate, so we’ll make this quick and easy. For Move In / Out cleaning service- all furniture has to be out of the space before starting or moving During Cleaning Time customers are asked not to schedule any moves during their visit with us because it would take away from our ability to do an excellent job for them! If they want someone else’s dirt cleaned up around large appliances then just let one of my maids move those babies while they work 🙂

Deep Cleaning

We are happy to report that our Deep Clean service makes your home look and smell like new! We love coming in clean, tidy spaces. To ensure the best results possible for you, we ask customers receiving this treatment to pick up clothing or other personal items before arrival so it’s easier on us when accessing surfaces during the cleaning process.

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