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  • Do I need to supply cleaning agents and equipment?

No, we always provide all the cleaning products needed for all types of cleaning in and outside your home and other spaces. We also have the complete equipment and necessary appliances to deliver the best cleaning experience for you. Upon your special request, we can add any equipment or products you want us to use for a particular task.

  • Who will clean my house?

According to the size of the job, we will dispatch a team of two or more professional residential cleaners. All our workers are well mannered and properly dressed which represent our professionalism. Moreover, our workers are not only well trained but also certified for the work they do.

  • What cleaning plans are available?

Apart from the one-off cleaning services offered for all our services, we have flexible cleaning plans for our window cleaning, residential cleaning, corporate cleaning and restaurant cleaning services. Our customers can choose from daily, weekly and monthly plans. Residential cleaning services are also offered on bi-weekly plans for added flexibility.

  • Can I give special cleaning instructions?

Yes! We respect that your space is yours. Despite our experience in cleaning different areas we are happy to follow instructions from you on how to handle your own home. You can leave a note or talk directly with the manager beforehand so that the cleaners are properly briefed on what to do.

  • Should I supervise cleaning?

No, you do not need to be on the site to supervise the task yourself. However, you can choose to be on the premises to monitor the work going on to make sure it goes how you want. But be assured that our workers will provide an excellent job even if you are absent.

  • How much will this cost me?

We can give you quotes for cleaning depending on the cleaning task you need to be done.

  • What method do you use in cleaning carpets?

We mainly use the hot water extraction method for cleaning carpets. This is our recommended deep cleaning method because the effects are thorough and long-lasting. However, we provide dry cleaning services for people who do not want excessive use of water on their carpets because they worry about longer drying time or shrinkage.

  • How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

It will take 8 to 24 hours. The speed of the carpet drying process depends on environmental factors as well as the method used in cleaning them. The process can be quickened by use of humidifiers, fans or AC/heater. Ventilation is also a determining factor in this regard. Be careful not to expose carpet to dirt while it dries, as it can pick up dirt faster when still wet. Although you can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning, make sure your feet or shoes are clean.

  • How is pressure cleaning different from power washing?

In fact, they both mean the same thing and they are just called by different names in different places.

  • Will Upholstery cleaning damage my furniture?

This is possible. If not properly adjusted, the force of the pressure from the water can cause severe to irreparable damage on furniture, fences, house walls and the likes. It can also cause injury to the skin if exposed. Our professionals are well trained in using pressure cleaning equipment and thus they can ensure that proper care will be given to your furniture and other assets while performing the task.

  • What guarantees do I get from Elite Management Janitorial Services?

You will get 100% customer satisfaction guarantee from us. We do not prefer collecting your money until you are 100% satisfied with our services. From dealing with our customer care service to dealing with our workers, we want you to have the best customer experience until the job is done to your full satisfaction.