Medical Facilities

Are you currently meeting
hospital sanitation requirements?

Hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes have patients that are susceptible to infections. Germs, bacteria, and viruses are hazardous for those with severe health conditions. Proper sanitation is critical for these facilities. With the many regulations for hospitals, a clean environment can increase patient success and prevent lawsuits. We can help by following cleaning protocols for the industry while using the necessary cleaning chemicals. We eliminate containments that are hazardous to the health of your patients. 

Your facility will be clean, which makes a great new impression on patients and their visitorsWhile many firms in the health sector rely on janitorial services, our firm specializes in offering cleaning services in medical facilities and schools. We understand that a clean work environment and good hygiene can boost employee productivity and quality of services, thereby reducing the chances of illness. Our services include; cleaning of offices, restrooms, swimming pools, kitchens and other areas.

We have developed a technology called Swine Flu, a special solution which can kill all viruses including H1N1, the deadly swine flu. When a person is infected with H1N1 virus, they may experience a fever, cough, sore throat and body aches. So, we have developed this special solution which kills all the viruses including H1N1, the deadly swine flu. This is the swine flu solution; one part of the solution kills all the viruses, whereas the other part soaks them into the floor, furniture and furniture of the office or workplace, and eventually the entire office or workplace. This also prevents the staff from contracting the disease.

The solution can effectively be used in hotel rooms as well.Also, when working in a hospital or medical facilities, our cleaning team must be aware of the specific protocols and laws of the medical facilities. Some of these include; following an assigned time for cleaning and waiting to be cleared before leaving the premises, sanitizing everything before entering, the use of masks, and working in a confined space.

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