Should Hotels Outsource Cleaning Contracts: A Quick Guide

The cleanliness of a hotel room is one of the most important factors that guests take into account when choosing where to stay. Outsourcing cleaning contracts is a financial decision that can have a significant impact on the guest experience. Hotel leaders must balance the cost benefits of outsourcing with the effect that cleaners have on the overall quality of service.

Should Hotels Outsource Cleaning Contracts? A Quick Guide

This is a guide for hotel leaders to prepare for outsourcing cleaning contracts. It provides a snapshot of the current state of outsourcing, as well as the attitudes of hotel owners about their cleaning contracts and the factors that will affect their decisions.

Here are a few of the best advantages of hiring an outsourced cleaning company.

1 – More Time to Focus on Core Business Needs

One of the primary reasons that hotels consider outsourcing is to focus on core business needs. Hotel leaders can quickly delegate the responsibility for cleaning to an external provider. They can choose one company to take care of all cleaning services, giving the hotel manager more time to concentrate on other business priorities. The hotel owner can assign staff to focus on promoting hotel amenities and services, increasing the hotel’s value to guests.

2 – Higher Quality of Cleaning

Hotel industry leaders describe the most common reasons for outsourcing cleaning contracts as the desire to offer a better quality service to guests. Many hotel owners would have to make significant investments in new equipment and training, which they may not be able to afford. An external cleaning provider can provide equipment and training up to existing standards. This helps hotels to offer a consistently high level of service to guests and maintain their reputation as well as their relationships with guests.

3 – Reduce Operational Costs

Many hotel owners are struggling to keep up with rising operational costs. This is particularly true for small and medium-sized hotels. In many cases, owners feel that outsourcing cleaning contracts could deliver long-term savings. This can create an attractive return on investment.

4 – Protect Brand Image

A hotel’s brand image is one of its most important assets. This is especially true for independent hotels that rely on a brand appeal to attract guests and continue to grow their businesses. One of the ways that hotel owners can protect their brand image is to ensure that they deliver a consistently high quality of service. This may include defining standards for the cleaners and following up with the cleaning contractor to ensure they deliver what they promised.

5 – Quality Control

One of the main concerns for hotel owners when outsourcing cleaning contracts is to have adequate quality control. Inadequate control can lead to poor customer satisfaction, which can have a negative impact on the hotel. Another concern is the level of flexibility in cleaning contracts. Hotel owners want to be sure that the provider can adapt to changing cleaning needs.


In many cases, outsourcing a company to deliver cleaning contracts can have a tremendous impact on the guest experience. It can also have a significant impact on the financial performance of a hotel. However, as with all outsourcing, hotel owners must make sure that they have adequate quality control and that the costs deliver the benefits that they expect.

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