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Find Out the Right Frequency of Deep Cleaning a House

The average American family spends nearly eight working hours a month cleaning their homes. And while nowadays, the whole family chips in for more quality time, it may not achieve the results homeowners are looking for.

Do you have a reasonably clean home that still feels a bit dirty? How often do you perform a deep cleaning in your house? If you aren’t sure about any of these facets, the information below can help you develop a plan and put things in motion.

It Begins with the Right Tools

To start cleaning, gather all the supplies you need for deep cleaning. The basics are:

  • A vacuum cleaner.
  • Mop and bucket.
  • Cleaning cloths, pads, and brushes.
  • Cleaning sprays and solutions.
  • You may think you need a bunch of different cleaning products. But you can probably find everything you need around your house.

Microfiber rags are better at picking up dust than regular cotton ones, while fancy sprays can make your home smell better. However, a simple old rag and a spray bottle with equal vinegar and water can clean most surfaces! Just add in a few drops of essential oil for a pleasant aroma. Even an old toothbrush can be handy for dirty kitchen or bathroom corners.

The Right Frequency According to Location

While you might perform deep cleaning in your house once or twice a year, you can do the tasks below anytime you feel like a particular room needs it. It’s helpful to divide the house into these three main areas: 

  • Bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Bathrooms and laundry room.
  • The kitchen.

Each of these three areas requires different supplies and methods for deep cleaning. This will also make it more manageable.

The first thing you should do in any room is to pick up any items lying around. This is not the time to clean out drawers or closets. Instead, you must gather anything visible that could make cleaning more challenging.

  • Bedrooms and living rooms: Start with the ceiling fans and window shades in each room when dusting. Then, you can sweep up any dust that falls on the floor. You may also want to apply a dust repellent to help prevent accumulation in the future.
  • For carpets and rugs, vacuum first. Then treat stains with a one-to-five ratio of distilled water to hydrogen peroxide. Add a few drops of dish soap. If the carpet is in bad shape, hire a professional deep cleaning service.
  • Sweep and mop any type of wooden floor. If you have wood polish, this is an excellent time to apply it. For natural hardwoods, some people wear a thin coat of wax every few years to protect them from liquid damage.
  • Wipe down floorboards with your water-vinegar mixture. Clean any windows that may have been neglected. Remove the screens and wipe down the sills.
  • Wash all bedding, including duvet covers and mattress pads. This is an excellent chance to flip your mattress if you have not done so in a while. In kids’ rooms, wipe down plastic toys with a bit of soap and warm water.

Get Professional Deep Cleaning Today

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