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Moving Out? Here’s a 6-Step Guide to Apartment Cleaning

Moving out of your old apartment and relocating to a new one can be an exciting experience for most tenants. It lets you start anew, explore a new neighborhood, and make new friends. Having the keys to your incoming rental can also allow you to upgrade your lifestyle by living in a bigger and better space. 

However, before you close the door of your old space and say hello to the new one, you must thoroughly clean your apartment first. Besides being a polite gesture to the following users, it also lets you gain more security deposits. This article is your six-step guide to ensure a successful apartment cleaning day.

1. Consider Your Lease 

To begin your apartment cleaning day, you must carefully read your lease to check the move-out cleaning requirements and ensure that what you do meets the lease’s standards. Remember that the landlord of a large multi-unit complex may charge you for certain services when you move out, such as carpet cleaning, blinds cleaning, and carpet replacement. 

Moreover, your landlord can charge you for uncleaned areas in your apartment, including trash removal, stovetop/oven cleaning, dirty rooms, counters, sinks, bathtubs, windows, shower wall tiles, toilets, and cabinets. 

2. Consult Your Landlord 

You should speak to your landlord if you’re unsure about the cleanliness expectations when moving out of your apartment. Ask them what you need to accomplish so you can plan properly and ensure your apartment is in good condition when you leave. 

You should also remember that it’s usually your responsibility to do the move-out cleaning, and you should leave the apartment as it was when you first entered it. Otherwise, your landlord can charge you the same price as a professional apartment cleaning company. 

3. Deep Clean Your Apartment

When conducting an apartment cleaning day, you must leave the property spotless. Deep cleaning means leaving the unit looking like it has yet to accommodate guests. Moreover, your landlord may ask you to provide a checklist of all cleaned areas. 

You should focus on cleaning the kitchen countertops, cabinet shelves, oven, bathroom toilet, shower, and tub. You must also pay close attention to the floors, carpets, windows, closets, and baseboards. Moreover, thoroughly clean the outdoor spaces like the patio, backyard, front yard, and porch. You can always contact your local apartment cleaning company if these tasks seem overwhelming.

4. Repair Damages

You can regain more of your security deposit for cleaning and repairs by fixing all of the repairs and cleaning yourself. Quick fixes like patching holes in the wall and removing stains from the carpet may save you money, and replacing these items yourself may be cheaper than what your landlord will charge. However, you must call your local contractors to address these damages if they’re too big for you to handle or if they need professional help.

5. Donate or Sell Unwanted Items

One part of your apartment cleaning day you should never overlook is removing all belongings you don’t need anymore. Sit down, look at your items, and ask yourself if it’s worth carrying them to the new spot. Otherwise, you can sell or donate them. That way, the relocation and packing processes will be much easier and smoother. 

Donating or selling these unwanted items can also give you extra income and give back to the community.

6. Leave Nothing Behind

You should clear your old apartment of everything so you won’t get an unexpected bill for forgotten items after settling into your new space. You can always contact a junk removal company for help. 


Scheduling an apartment cleaning day lets you regain more security deposit and make the space presentable for the next tenants. You can always let a professional cleaning company handle this task if the tasks seem overwhelming. 

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