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Commercial Cleaning Services—How Often Do You Need Them?

When maintaining a healthy workspace, office cleaning should be a top priority. Not only does it create a more pleasant and productive environment, but it also helps to reduce the spread of germs and illnesses among employees. 

But how often should your office be cleaned? This article provides an overview of the different factors to consider when deciding on a cleaning schedule for your office. We will discuss the importance of regular cleaning, the frequency of different types of cleaning, and tips for keeping a clean and healthy office. Continue reading to know where to contact one of the best cleaning companies in Philadelphia. 

Number of People

How many people work for your company daily, including employees, clients, visitors, and others who may come and depart? You might get away with cleaning only once a week if your business is tiny and you only have a few staff. Bathrooms and kitchen or food preparation areas should be cleaned at the end of each workday, even if you only have a small workforce.

For a medium-sized office with about 20 people, two or three cleanings each week may be necessary. Large businesses with many employees must clean daily or even more frequently, especially in the kitchen and restroom areas.

Business Type 

A small office with only a few workers can be cleaned less frequently than a restaurant or school due to health and safety issues. The offices of a more industrial company with fewer staff and clients might not need to be cleaned daily, but public spaces like reception areas and restrooms must be maintained.

Financial Resources 

If you have the money to do so, you are free to utilize cleaning services on a part-time or full-time basis. On a roster basis, you might have janitors or housekeepers to handle all necessary cleaning tasks. If not, you can hire a cleaning service in Philadelphia whenever your budget allows.

Whether you use your cleaning staff or hire outside cleaners, regular office or building cleanings should cover all critical worker and client areas. Let’s look at these more closely:

Front Door or Lobby

Because it establishes the first impression of your business, this area needs to be neat and in good condition. It will require dusting, vacuuming, and trash removal every several days. One minor thing that can make a big difference is making sure magazines and books are nicely placed.

Kitchens and Dining Spaces

Every area used for food preparation needs to be well-cleaned to stop the spread of bacteria. Benchtops, sinks, faucets, microwaves, and cabinet handles are just a few of the surfaces that can contain and spread harmful foodborne pathogens. 

They should be cleaned at the end of each day to avoid spreading disease among the staff. A larger office may need to hire cleaners to clean these areas more frequently than once per day to keep up with spills and stains.


Bathrooms should be cleaned daily to prevent the spreading of disease and maintain hygienic conditions. Expert commercial cleaning services in Philadelphia such as Elite Management Janitorial Services, LLC toilets and sinks sanitize surfaces and door knobs, replenish toilet paper and paper towels, and remove garbage. The floors will also be mopped and scrubbed.


Although weekly window washing is not required, regular cleaning is quite essential. This keeps your building in good shape while extending the life of the windows and timber. During damp winters, washing windows is unnecessary and may even be dangerous. A helpful generalization is to thoroughly clean everything around the beginning and end of summer, depending on how dusty or pollen-prone your area is.


On carpets, crumbs from meals, garbage, and dust are all easily gathered, particularly in areas with high circulation, like staff rooms, hallways, and communal areas. They can become exceedingly untidy during the muddy, rainy winter months. Carpets should be vacuumed daily in busy workplaces; once every few days in less active offices.

Linoleum or hardwood floors should be swept and washed regularly to maintain them clean. A spill also risks health and safety because it could lead to slips and falls. You can hire Elite Management Janitorial Services, LLC to make sure to prevent accidents. 


As is evident, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how often an office should be cleaned. Regular cleaning helps to reduce the risk of spreading germs and can help to improve employee morale. It is also important to consider any special circumstances requiring more frequent cleaning, such as in areas where food is prepared or if any hazardous materials are present. A regular cleaning schedule should be established to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

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