Prepping for Your Cleaning

Booking a cleaning service can be overwhelming with so many options and packages, but it’s important to know what you’re getting beforehand. Our pricing models work in different ways – some may have add-ons or other features that suit your needs better than others which is why understanding how they all fit together could save time later on down the road!

A surprise bill from an unexpected charge isn’t just awkward; using less expensive cleaners might also mean never being able to use them again because there would always be something else higher priced on top of everything else.

Getting Your Home Ready for Us

Your home is ready for use when you are! Here are a few tips to make sure that your cleaning service gets the best results.
We know how important it can be, which is why we’re always looking at what more people could do before their cleaners arrive—and these 3 steps will have an impact on both quality AND time spent in my house: Make Sure All surfaces Get Cleaned 2) Vacuum Often And Thoroughly Beverages & Dishes Will Be Important Later On So Leave Them Out For Us To Wash…And When We Return From Our Trip Don’t Forget About.

Remove Clutter

Put away any loose items , clothing, kids’ toys magazines, or newspapers that could be a potential hazard. Make sure the house is locked up tight before you leave for work!

Clear the Bathroom Vanities

Place items you use every day and keep on your vanity (e.g., hairspray, makeup, toothpaste) in a bin or put them away so that our cleaners can clean without needing to move each item individually.

Wash and Put Away Your Dishes

This will allow our cleaners to get right in and start cleaning, so you can spend more time doing what makes your kitchen such an inviting space.

Leave Linens on Your Beds

You can request that we change your sheets before making the beds if you like. But we do not provide that service.

Secure Your Pets

A great way to make sure your pets stay safe and sound while we clean is by finding them a good place. We will help you find one if needed, but it should be easy—just tell us where they are usually found!

If not done before our arrival time arrives then extra charges may arise for anything additional that needs doing during the visit or longer hours booked because of lack in other tasks being completed within the given period due which would have been preferred instead had these details already known beforehand so arrangements could have.

What to Expect Before EMJS Cleans Your Home?

We’ve made it our goal to provide you with the best service possible. Before we arrive at your home, let us know any last-minute requests so that nothing is left unasked and everything runs smoothly!

If you don’t want to be bothered with the hassle of letting our team into your house, then just provide them with an access code or key. Most importantly though is that if there are specific days when it would suit better for us come around instead – Monday through Saturday works best since we offer cleaning services during these times only!

We’re sorry to hear that you need to cancel your appointment. You have 24 hours’ notice before each service, which will allow us time for any changes or additions needed on our end!

What to Expect During Your Cleaning?

You can feel confident about the people we send to your home because all of our professional cleaners have undergone an extensive background check. In addition, they have received extensive training and are also insured for protection against any accidents or damages that may occur during their visit!

After your initial consultation, we will contact you to discuss how our team accesses the home. If we can’t come into the residence or if there are security concerns then please let me know right away so that I can make alternative arrangements with other cleaners who may be available on short notice during those days/times when they work.

No matter what comes up, we’ve got you covered. With a 24-hour cancellation window and our guaranteed cleanings for each customer; there is absolutely nothing stopping us from keeping the schedule as planned!

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