Clean windows greatly contribute to the overall beauty of a house whereas dirty windows do the opposite because they look dull and unkempt. Window cleaning is one of those pesky house chores that could take a huge chunk of your time as you try to create a perfect, streak-free and spotless look. There are so many suggestions out there for the best window cleaning tools and agents, including vinegar and store-bought window cleaners; so we know it is difficult to sift through all this information. At Primary Management Janitorial Services, we can solve all your window cleaning problems with our quality services. Request a one-off cleaning plan today to experience the fantastic look of your sparkling windows. You can also opt for our regular window cleaning service and we will take care of your windows to leave them spotless all the time. Thus, your windows will last for a long time while looking good at the same time. Our window cleaning services include:

  • Scrubbing dirt and residue off windows
  • Squeegeeing windows
  • Wiping the edges of windows