After years of use, carpets become more difficult to be cleaned simply by regular domestic cleaning. Carpets can harbor dirt and bacteria which are bad for the look of your floor and more importantly, your health. We can operate in your home or take your carpets out to deliver the best deep cleaning that will not only leave them looking cleaner but will also increase their durability. We offer both hot water extraction and dry cleaning method for carpet cleaning. In hot water extraction, our high-end machines will deliver hot water mixed with cleaning solution into the carpet to loosen stubborn dirt from deep within the fibers to make them come out easily during extraction. This requires use of plenty of water and will not be preferable to many because it takes a long time to dry and can wrinkle/shrink the original fiber carpets. The dry cleaning option which involves using special machines will clean your carpet deeply without involving so much liquid. Our deep carpet cleaning service will:

  • remove stains, dirt and bacteria
  • improve appearance of carpets
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